Monday, March 30, 2015

This Isn't The Worst Picture of Justin Bieber

As you all know, I am NOT the biggest Justin Bieber fan. He is not my role model, even though certain people in class (cough, cough, Student #22) seem to like him. Oh, well!

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How Cute Are These?

I found the most adorable picture of a pony. I want a pony for my birthday!! Check out this pony.

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Fluffy Kitties Make Me Happy!

Look at this adorable picture of this fluffy kittie. I want 50 fluffy kitties like this. Not 49, but 50!

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So Sad About One Direction

I was so sad to here that that guy from One Direction left. Sad face.

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Taylor Swift Is The Best!!

I love T-Swift! She's the best ever. Here is a photo of this awesome artist! lolololololol

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